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Emergency Medical Response (EMR)

ASHI Emergency Medical Response (formerly ASHI First Responder)

ASHI Emergency Medical Response is designed to provide non-EMS responders, including government, corporate, law enforcement, and corrections personnel, with a level of training comparable to Emergency Medical Responder. This course is consistent with national EMS curriculum requirements and education standards; however, it is not the intent of the ASHI Emergency Medical Response program to cross the EMS scope of practice threshold.

The EMR program focuses on:

  •  Introduction to EMS
  • Legal and Ethical Principles of Emergency Care
  • Wellness and Safety of the Emergency Medical Responder 
  • Introduction to Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, and Lifespan Development 
  • Principle of Lifting, Moving and Positioning of Patients
  • Principles of Effective Communication and Documentation
  • Airway Management , Ventilation (CPR) & Oxygen Therapy 
  • Resuscitation and the use of the AED
  • Obtaining Vital Signs and History 
  • Principles of Patient Assessment
  • Caring for Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies 
  • Caring for Common Medical Emergencies 
  • Caring for Environmental Emergencies 
  • Caring for Soft Tissue Injuries & Bleeding
  • Recognition and Care of Shock
    Caring for Muscle and Bone Injuries
  • Caring for Head, Spine, Chest & Abdominal Injuries 
  • Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Caring for Infants, Children, and the Elderly 
  • Introduction to EMS Operations and Hazardous Response
  • Introduction to Multiple-Casualty Incidents, Incident Command, and Triage 

Each student must pass a final exam and must successfully complete a series of skills verification stations to complete the course

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Approximately 40 hours 

Cancellation Policy

EMR Refresher

Class time: Approximately 15 hours