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School Nurses Emergency Medical Response

Emergency Medical Response (formerly ASHI First Responder)

To all school nurses looking for a course to gain skills in stabilizing injured or ill patients. We have the perfect course for you! Our ASHI Emergency Medical “Response” course is designed to provide Non-EMS personnel, such as a school nurses and school nurses substitutes, with a level of training that is comparable to the National Emergency Medical Responder. Although the ASHI curriculum is consistent with the national course, Emergency Medical Responder, the skills and information gained from this program will not cross paths into the EMS threshold.
From recess/sports injuries, acute and chronic illnesses, to the management of school bus accidents, this course is designed and gauged for what a school nurse may encounter during her work day.

Each participant will gain knowledge and skills in the following:

  • Introduction to EMS
  • Legal and Ethical Principles of Emergency Care
  • Wellness and Safety of the Emergency Medical Responder
  • Review of Medical Terminology, Human Anatomy, and Lifespan Development
  • Principles of Lifting, Moving and Positioning of Patients
  • Principles of Effective Communication and Documentation
  • Airway Management, Ventilation (CPR) & Oxygen Therapy
  • Resuscitation and the use of the AED 
  • Obtaining a Comprehensive Patient History
  • Principles of Patient Assessment
  • Caring for Cardiac and Respiratory Emergencies
  • Caring for Common Medical Emergencies
  • Caring for Environmental Emergencies
  • Caring for Soft Tissue Injuries & Bleeding
  • Recognition and Care of Shock
  • Caring for Muscle and Bone Injuries
  • Caring for Head, Spine, Chest & Abdominal Injuries
  • Care During Pregnancy and Childbirth
  • Caring for Infants, Children, and the Elderly 
  • Introduction to EMS Operations and Hazardous Response
  • Introduction to Multiple-Casualty Incidents, Incident Command, and Triage

When a severe injury strikes, or a serious illness arises, it is not only important for the school nurse to properly treat and stabilize the patient but, of equal importance, to be able to effectively work with, and communicate with, the emergency responders. This course will give the school nurse a better understanding of the inner workings of our EMS system and how EMT`s and Paramedics function within that system. This information helps to assure that the patient receives the best care possible and provides for a more positive outcome.
Throughout the course each student will participate in skills verification stations to demonstrate proper technique(s). There is a written final exam which the student must pass. Don’t stress, our instructors are the best around, they will work with you and build your confidence to be a well-equipped and knowledgeable school nurse ready for any emergency that may come!

Each student must pass a final exam and must successfully complete a series of skills verification stations to complete the course

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Approximately 40 hours 

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